Company History


March 2014

Beijing Montreal and Qingdao Special Steel Company Limited jointly funded the establishment of Qingdao Sfer New Material Co. Ltd., with property, the customer of refractory materials, metallurgical lime, metallurgical materials and alloy integrated service providers.


March 2014

Ltd, to make up for the Shanghai Montreal inadequate capacity to lay a solid foundation for the realization of strategic goal of sales in Shanghai reached 1 billion.



Fully carry out activities, so that fine management to penetrate into all aspects of production and management, the company achieved rapid growth in the situation of the deterioration of the macroeconomic situation, the sales revenue and net profit increased by 42% and 54% respectively.


August 2013

Private placement to acquire Liaoning Jinhong Mining Company Limited and Liaoning Zhongxing Mining Group Co Ltd, started in magnesite mining magnesia magnesia refractories production processing of raw materials for the whole industrial chain of Liaoning magnesia refractory materials production base construction work.



To carry out quality cost activities comprehensively, strengthen internal management, saving energy, saving efficiency, realize the company's operating performance contrarian growth.


2012 06 month

Customer management department was established to achieve fine management from the company to the customer site extension.



Operating income exceeded 1 billion yuan.


December 2011

Beijing Montreal investment shares of Zhongguancun Industrial (Beijing) Cci Capital Ltd, entered the field of capital market.


July 2011

The acquisition of Ma'anshan Kaiyuan Lear Beijing Montreal New Material Co. Ltd., through the horizontal merger of the industry, improve the company's product structure.


June 2011

Beijing Montreal and Inner Mongolia Baotou Limited by Share Ltd set up a joint venture in Inner Mongolia Baotou lier high-temperature materials Co. Ltd, combined with downstream customers and property, the business community, the interests of the community and the community of destiny


February 2011

The establishment of Liaoning lier high temperature materials Co. Ltd., construction layout of magnesia raw material base.



Operating income exceeded 700 million yuan, net profit of 100 million yuan.


April 23, 2010

Beijing Montreal is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange officially visit the capital market, the earnings release, to raise funds, a number of indicators ranked first in the industry.



Company was Beijing City, the Inland Revenue Department, the Inland Revenue Department as a tax credit". Chairman Zhao Jizeng was awarded the "outstanding entrepreneurs in Beijing", "outstanding private entrepreneurs in Henan Province," the glorious title.


December 23, 2009

China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the company's application for the issuance of.


June 2009

ERP system on the line, detailed accounting procedures and credible cost data for the company's fine management laid the foundation.



Changping's first enterprise spontaneous to Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake donations 820 thousand yuan, the company is in Beijing city Changping district Party committee, the government awarded the "Changping District top ten charity enterprise" title.



Continuous casting functional refractories production line put into operation, the product structure is gradually improved.


December 2007

The completion of the joint-stock reform, the company's overall restructuring to set up Beijing lier high temperature materials Limited by Share Ltd.


November 2006

The acquisition of Shanghai Refractories Co. Ltd, improve the market layout, towards the East China market.


March 2006

The establishment of Luoyang Refractories Co. Ltd, the construction of the permeable brick production line, improve the product structure.



The establishment of corporate culture, the introduction of "benefit and win-win, the core value of outstanding" concept.



In the steel industry of our country, we have carried out the overall contract management mode of "the whole course service", and completed the transformation from the market driven enterprises to the market oriented enterprises. Operating income exceeded 100 million yuan.


November 2000

By the Luoyang Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Institute of refractories and Zhao Jizeng and other natural persons jointly set up Beijing Refractories Co. ltd..


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