Release Date:2016/09/13Workplace:BeijingNumber:1

Job requirements:

College degree or above, men and women are not limited, the professional, have experience is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's procurement management and implementation of the rules and regulations, strictly according to the procurement plans to purchase, so that timely, applicable, reasonable reduction of the backlog of materials and procurement costs. On the purchase of goods so the ticket ticket is complete, consistent, timely reimbursement.

2, familiar with the market, according to the "high quality, low price," the principle of goods than three, the best purchase. Focus on collecting market information, timely feedback to the Department of the market price and the relevant information. Reasonable arrangements for the purchase order, the shortage of supplies and the need for long-distance procurement of raw materials should be arranged in advance to purchase plans to buy in time.

3, strict quality control of the procurement, material selection of samples for the use of the Department of audit, the purchase of bulk materials are required to have a warranty and after-sales service contract. Actively assist the departments concerned to properly solve the problems in the use of the process.

4, strengthen and acceptance, the custody of personnel, the responsibility to provide effective methods of storage of goods, to prevent improper custody of the goods and the loss.

5, the completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Thermal design
Release Date:2016/09/13Workplace:BeijingNumber:1

Job requirements:

Male, bachelor degree or above, major in thermal energy and power engineering, can adapt to frequent business trip; take the initiative to work, obey the leadership arrangement.

Job responsibilities

Responsible for the design and improvement of the furnace, the package, the customer site to carry out technical guidance; familiar with the working principle of the furnace.


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