1472191963106168.jpgHigh quality technical personnel team

     Beijing Lear science and technology personnel accounted for more than 30%, the State Council special allowance of 2 people, senior engineer 5 people, 18 senior engineers, 4 doctors, 25 masters, is the high-end technical talents of domestic refractory enterprises. One of the highest proportion of enterprises with high level technical titles.

 1472191963106168.jpgStrong R & D and innovation capability   

  The company has a strong technical development team, long-term commitment to the steel industry with the independent innovation of the work of refractory materials, and achieved fruitful results. Apply for 21 patents, 10 patents granted, with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology more than 100.

 1472191963106168.jpgExcellent integrated design capability

      The company has two level furnace construction qualification, set up professional and high-quality construction team, equipped with mold design, machinery manufacturing and heat furnaces and other professional and technical personnel, comprehensive design, strong supporting construction capacity, improve the security for the overall contracting services of refractories.

 1472191963106168.jpg Perfect advanced experiment and test ability

     The company has advanced ladle, tundish water simulation laboratory, with scanning electron microscopy, x- - ray diffraction, x- - ray fluorescence analyzer, and other advanced import and domestic experiments, testing equipment. R & D Center Laboratory approved by China National Accreditation committee.

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