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Changping district organization department minister condolences to our company

2016-11-29 12:11:04 BEIJING LIER Read

In January 18, 2011, Beijing city Changping District district organization department minister Li Liang, accompanied by Changping District Personnel Bureau of the main leaders, to our company before, Beijing lier high temperature materials Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President, comrade Zhao Jizeng led the team to welcome.

Secretary Li Liang and other leaders familiar with my company leadership and staff talks, understand the business development status and future direction about enterprise management problems in the development of talents, emphasizing the need to support the development of enterprises, particularly the introduction of advanced technology talents of highly educated personnel demand indicates that the Personnel Bureau leadership cooperation, give full support on policy. President Zhao Jizeng thanked the Secretary Li Liang and other leaders to introduce care and support given to the work in my company's senior talent introduction and graduates, that Lear company in Changping District, Changping District Bureau of personnel under the guidance of the leadership will be rapid development of new, Changping District, good for enterprises to realize "win-win, benefit and win-win"!

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