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The company participated in the opening ceremony of the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

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May 7, 2011, in order to stimulate the vitality of sports, innovation and lead the future as the theme of the second session of the national autonomous innovation demonstration zone in Fengtai Zhongguancun Sports Center held in Beijing. Beijing Lear company as the focus of high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, were invited to participate in the games.

In the wake of "Beijing Montreal, the pursuit of excellence, leading technology, to the future" slogan behind the team consists of 64 employees, fame, in the bright banner under the guidance of vigorous strides, confidently into the stadium, through the podium, and won the applause of the front seat of leadership.

The games by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, the Zhongguancun Committee, the Fengtai District people's Government Co sponsored. Zhongguancun innovative enterprises, a District ten Park Management Committee, social intermediary organizations, industry alliances, financial institutions, such as the composition of the 119 teams of about 6000 athletes participated in the competition. From the demonstration area of the enterprise, the capital of innovation resources platform, Zhongguancun entrepreneurs Advisory Committee, the university research institutes about more than 10 thousand spectators watched the games.

Exercise will call the demonstration zone in the builders to scale the heights of science and technology at the same time, the sports and health into the concept of innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, with more health, more full of passion for work, devoted to the development of the cause of the construction of the demonstration zone.

Beijing Lear staff in the sports activities, showing good sports style and competitive strength.


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