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Beijing municipal Party committee leadership to visit our company guidance

2016-11-29 12:04:06 BEIJING LIER Read


The morning of June 30, 2011, in Beijing City, led by lead, related to the leadership of the City Planning Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and 24 small town mayor, Secretary to visit our company to inspect and guide the work of.

Vice President Zhang Jianchao, deputy general manager of Beijing Li Zhaoyun, Feng Wenxiang, Chen Sihui met at all levels of leadership. Vice President Zhang Jianchao made a speech on behalf of the company. Subsequently, accompanied by Li Zhaoyun, the leaders at all levels visited my company's R & D laboratories and production workshop. City leaders of our company in recent years has made remarkable achievements in the affirmative. At the same time, it also puts forward valuable suggestions for the future development of the company. Pointed out: to further increase the scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the research and application of new technology, new technology and new equipment, the company must establish the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, consolidate the Montreal strong brand, accelerate the pace of science and technology.

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