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Luoyang Lear Younai project group in the first half for five patents

2016-11-29 11:16:55 BEIJING LIER Read

Another two invention patents to enter the substantive stage of review

The first half of this year, Luoyang Montreal Younai project group has five utility model patents authorized two patents into the substantive examination, the utility model patents were "a gasifier with cone bottom parts of the fire brick structure", "a four nozzle type water coal slurry pressurized gasifier plug the first brick", "a new type of gasification furnace arch structure, a four nozzle gasifier in refractory brick structure on the shoulder", "a four nozzle gasifier cylinder, the fire surface at the junction of refractory brick arch structure, the invention patent respectively as" a chromium aluminum carbon brick and a preparation method thereof, a low density refractory fiber coating and preparation method thereof".

In recent years, the rapid development of China's coal chemical industry, coal water slurry pressurized gasification technology because of its own superiority, has been widely used. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic existing furnace of water coal slurry pressurized gasification furnace nearly 300 units. Luoyang Montreal as a leading R & D coal water slurry pressurized gasification furnace lining of coal chemical industry and production enterprises, has been improved, and enhance the focus on the structure of coal water slurry gasification furnace lining material quality at the same time, companies pay more attention to product innovation and protection of intellectual property rights, at present, has reached the same industry high level Luoyang Montreal coal chemical industry the water coal slurry pressurized gasification furnace is related to the quantity and quality of patent. These achievements will help enhance the company's visibility and product core competitiveness, market development will have an important impact on.

(text figure / Zhang Yucui)

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