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Shanghai Lear new functional materials production line completed

2016-11-29 11:16:12 BEIJING LIER Read

In order to optimize the product structure, improve market competitiveness, Shanghai Montreal decided to build a new functional material production line.

For an early completion of the production line, in the company's vice president Wang Zhengfeng and general manager of Shanghai Yan Hao specific guidance, the company set up a deputy general manager Li Hongbo led the project to build the team. In cooperation with the production department and the workshop, from spring to now, through the project argumentation, negotiation, procurement, construction and commissioning work, which lasted more than 3 months, the successful completion of this production line, in May 23rd, the first batch of product testing by qualified after the start of delivery.

The production line of functional materials is successfully put into operation, to further improve the Shanghai superior products, optimize the product structure, improve the overall project contracting package company in the market competitiveness.

(vantu / Shanghai Montreal Comprehensive Department)

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