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Shanghai Lear new automatic temperature curing kiln

2016-11-29 11:09:26 BEIJING LIER Read

In order to further improve product quality and reduce cost, vice president Wang Zhengfeng and Shanghai's general manager Yan Hao under the guidance of Shanghai Montreal to design, DIY construction advanced automatic temperature control curing kiln.

The project by the Shanghai company deputy general manager Li Hongbo led, Beijing Montreal design group Zhao Chuanliang is responsible for the design and debugging of combustion control system and the Shanghai company responsible for the design and construction of kiln body structure. The production site, considering the safety, efficiency, work convenience factors, after Beijing and Shanghai Montreal Montreal design production department, workshop series of communication, kiln structure optimization, and finally determine the upper and lower fixed available traffic Hang semi mobile kiln. Since the start in January this year, after intense construction, successively in prefabrication workshop B class and C class each built a natural gas automatic temperature curing kiln, the kiln after commissioning qualified after the operation, there is nearly no maintenance waste prefabrication workshop.

(vantu / Shanghai Montreal production department)

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