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Notice on Further Strengthening the work of Journalism and publicity

2016-11-29 11:14:58 BEIJING LIER Read

Notice on Further Strengthening the work of Journalism and publicity


Each subsidiary:

The news propaganda work is an important part of the construction of enterprise culture, to promote corporate image, enhance their visibility and cohesion of staff, general business, promote the development of enterprises has played an inestimable role. Shares of the company and its subsidiaries are very concerned about the leadership and support, Zhao Jizeng, chairman of particular concern and support for the work of the news. "An important part of Beijing Montreal" newspaper as company news and propaganda work, timely guidance to Chairman chang. In August 17th, he asked in detail about the various subsidiaries of Communications Reports, carefully check the completion of the manuscript of each subsidiary. In Luoyang and Ma'anshan Montreal company attaches importance to the propaganda work, contribution, more timely reports on the work of Beijing and praise; Liaoning Montreal company news lag was questioned. In the future, how to further strengthen the propaganda work, according to the chairman of the instructions, the relevant requirements:

First, the requirements of

        1, general manager of the company to pay attention to the news and propaganda work, and commissioned on the news and propaganda work, the company will timely reform of production and construction, management, innovation efficiency, staff and other aspects of life events, events reported, writing task actively complete editorial annually quarterly monthly assigned, not after been perfunctory.

        2, the rapid development of the company in recent years, some strategic decision-making needs of the majority of employees understand and support, so the securities department should take the lead in doing propaganda work, at least 12 year writing manuscript to the editorial department is not limited.

        3, the company customer service manager at least 1 per person per year written manuscript to the editorial department is not limited. Focus on market development, product use, payment collection and other aspects of the situation, mutual exchange and learn from experience.


Two, 2016 each subsidiary, the securities department, the client manager manuscript task



Submitted manuscripts


Submitted manuscripts


Beijing lear



1, the major events of each subsidiary can not be omitted

2, the manuscript should be for news, regardless of the number of tasks of other types of manuscripts

3, regardless of the number of tasks with primary contributions

4, a major meeting of the securities affairs department reports can not be omitted

5, the customer manager can focus on market development, loan recovery, product use and other aspects of the work and experience performance

Luoyang lear



Shanghai lear



Ma'anshan lear



Liaoning ZTE mining industry



Liaoning lear



Securities Affairs Division


Each customer manager


Above the manuscript task of each subsidiary from December 31st to September 1, 2016 included in the evaluation of rewards and punishments. The company is required to complete the task on time every month, is not limited; securities department to complete 1 to 2 per month by the end of the task, a total of 5 tasks, is not limited; the customer manager before December 31, 2016 to complete the 1 tasks is not limited. Due to the various subsidiaries account manager adds up more, can contribute to early, so as not to get together and contribute.

    7 to choose the "Beijing newspaper" in montreal.

    Three, rewards and punishments

        1, each of the sub companies to pay less than 1 articles, the general manager of the deduction of 500 yuan.

        2, the Ministry of securities to pay less than 1 articles per copy, the deduction of 1000 yuan secretaries salary.

        3, the client manager to complete the task reward 50 yuan, did not complete a fine of 50 yuan, not less than 1 per person per year, the subsidiary is responsible for the implementation of rewards and punishments.

     The above requirements, look at the implementation of the subsidiary.

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August 18, 2016

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