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Vietnam Lear in Formosa Ha Tinh steel construction progressing smoothly

2016-11-29 11:10:36 BEIJING LIER Read

As of the afternoon of June 16th, Vietnam has Montreal Taiwan in Ha Tinh steel factory construction success three ladles, two seat, seven seat emergency ladle tundish and four KR mixing head.

Everything is hard in the beginning, the new plant construction in a foreign country is more difficult. At present, Ha Tinh is in the early stages of preparation of steel, steel package and tundish masonry platform has not been completed, the scene of crane scheduling is not timely; the average temperature is above 32 degrees, the staff of heat stroke, either directly or indirectly increase the difficulty in construction site.

Despite the adverse factors, but in Huang Yadong, Wang Qingtao and other leaders under the leadership of the staff fully carry forward the spirit of fearing neither hardship nor tired, withstood the short time, the task of heavy pressure, overcome difficulties, work overtime to finish construction tasks, get a high evaluation of mills leadership, establish a good image for the company, but also for further cooperation in the future with the Formosa steel laid a good foundation.

At present, our company is the only supplier of all products by the Ministry of metallurgical refractory Formosa quality inspection.


Ladle construction site

(text figure / Li Shuangliang)

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