Refractories for tundish

  • Tundish ventilation curtain wall

    Dispersion type intermediate group recently developed Montreal package air curtain wall by adjusting the particle size, the composite binder and foaming agent, vibration casting material, has the char

  • Tundish retaining wall and dam

    The middle Montreal Group production package retaining wall and retaining dam, with prefabricated parts made of magnesium and aluminum, alumina magnesia castable, has the characteristics of high stren

  • Impact plate and guard plate

    Montreal group in 2000 to meet the iron and steel industry continuous casting steel 20h the above requirements, development and production of a tundish impact zone machine pressure impact plate and pl

  • Tundish current regulator

    The middle Montreal Group R & D and production. The regulator is a new function of tundish refractory material, is a new product in recent years in developed countries, there are a number of paten

  • Tundish cover pouring material

    Tundish Montreal Group production of refractory materials cover is divided into heavy and semi heavy castable castable and fiber composite block (see the physicochemical index of fiber product categor

  • Tundish permanent lining

    The middle Montreal Group production package permanent lining fiber reinforced ultra low cement castable is a new type of refractory castable has good anti cracking performance and thermal shock resis


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