Refractory for heating furnace

  • Anchor block

     Montreal Group production of brick material and anchorage lining castable material similar to machine molding, high temperature sintering, with good thermal shock resistance and high strength, u

  • Wall hanging brick

    Montreal Group production of wall hanging brick, with mullite lightweight aggregate and other materials, with low cement casting technology of preform has good thermal shock resistance and high streng

  • High strength long burner brick

    Montreal group through the analysis of various structural characteristics and use of burner, preparation method for optimization, successfully developed a series of high strength, thermal shock resist

  • Light refractory casting material

    Light Montreal Group production of high-strength castable is one of the leading products of our company, applied to the insulation parts of annular heating furnace. The series of products with high st

  • Light spray paint for chimney

    Montreal group research and production of light chimney paint with light refractory raw material, binder and adding special additives, spraying or daubing, has good adhesion, rebound rate is low, high

  • Self flow pouring material for water cooling wall and water cooling pipe

    Montreal Group production of water cooled partition and water tube wrapped with refractory castable with high bauxite, mullite and corundum materials made of low cement technology, has the characteris


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