Refractory materials for converter and electric furnace

  • Electric furnace roof

    Lear Electric Group production of top preform has the characteristics of high strength, good thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, stable quality and long service life etc.. The product in T

  • EAF taphole filler

    The tapping Montreal Group production of export packing is not floating, self open rate, simple operation and safety etc..  The main physical and chemical indexes of tapping hole filler牌号Bra

  • Electric furnace taphole brick

    The tapping Montreal Group production, using fused magnesia and graphite materials produced by static pressure molding etc.. The product has antioxidant properties, high strength, good erosion resista

  • Furnace bottom dry ramming material

    Montreal Group production of electric furnace bottom dry ramming material according to the principle of the most compact particles, high-quality synthetic raw material and additive and binder compound

  • The use of magnesium carbon brick furnace

    Lear Electric Group production system with magnesium carbon brick using fused magnesia, high purity magnesia and graphite as main raw materials, through high pressure molding and low temperature treat

  • Converter feed



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