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[October 2016] Chongqing metallurgical steel procurement inquiry supplementary notice

2016-11-25 12:12:30 BEIJING LIER Read

Industry: Metallurgy

Project type: period bidding

Project Name: Guangdong new - high alumina brick for the Tender Hook

Bidding quantity:

Supplier area: no limit

Supply mode:

Registration time: 00:00:00 2016-07-27

Deadline: 00:00:00 2016-07-29

File class content:               


                1, silicon carbide brick: the number of 213*114*65 2345 block masonry with main channel

                2, high alumina brick: 230*115*60 number 16700 air port platform use

                3, silicon carbide slurry: the number of 4.2 tons for bricklaying

                3, high aluminum mud: the number of 3.24 tons for bricklaying

                4, contact: Sun Diandong 13031987880

                5, delivery location: Guangdong Province town Ma Yangchun Guangdong Xinxing pipe construction site. Motor

                Procurement clerk: Niu Li Bo 0310-5792577

                Bidding Office Supervisor: Lu Peng 0310-5793203


 1, according to the inquiry quotation please designated manufacturers (brand) and specifications or models of equivalent or higher than the specified brand price inquiry, if found fake will cancel all business cooperation; 

2, the bidder shall not collude to strictly abide by the discipline of quotation, practise fraud, once discovered will be canceled forever in my company and other company branch of bidding qualification; 

3, the bidder must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the bid time, bidding quotation, quotation shall not be choosers, the price of the item not found must be the cause and our company procurement business executives that cannot offer the first warning without quotation, second times to suspend business for three months, there three times a year to suspend cooperation one year; 

4, please note that the tender offer purchased product specifications, quantity and unit of measurement (such as one ton Yuan Yuan Yuan and other key words); 

5, please be careful to confirm the input, the wrong to be responsible for their own;

Material name Specifications Remarks Number Company
Silicon carbide brick 213×65×114
60 ton
High alumina brick 230×60×115
45.00 ton

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