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       Shanghai Refractories Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1999, is located in Baoshan District city of Shanghai private science and Technology Park, Beijing lier high temperature materials Limited by Share Ltd (April 23, 2010 listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange China power) was established to invest in Shanghai, in high temperature industrial research and development, the production of refractories manufacturing, engineering design and project contracting of high-tech enterprise as a whole. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, in 2013, Shanghai City, a small giant to cultivate enterprise qualifications. The company has 3 patents, 8 utility model patents, Shanghai city science and technology science and technology enterprises, and obtained the title of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai city in 2009, 2012 in Shanghai City, innovative enterprise "glorious title since 2003 five consecutive ten years in Baoshan District" civilized unit "; the company won 2007~2008 2013-2014, 2011-2012, the annual" harmonious labor relations in enterprises "the glorious title; the company Party branch of Baoshan District was awarded the" two new "organization" five good party organization repeatedly won the title of honor; "union advanced Zhigongzhijia" glorious title; "the company repeatedly won the League branch of the advanced group" and "the title of honor; Shanghai city safety unit" title; Baoshan District trade union infrastructure "grassroots demonstration unit" honorary title; the company received total prefabricated workshop Union issued the "vanguard of workers" and the "Labor Medal" title. The company registered capital of 106 million 600 thousand yuan, in 2015 the Shanghai Montreal sales value of 350 million yuan, 2016 sales output value will exceed 400 million yuan.

       The company has a full set of ladle refractories, tundish refractories, full blast furnace system with a complete set of refractory materials, fiber insulation products such as professional production line, annual production capacity of 100000 tons. The business scope of the enterprise is engaged in refractory materials and raw materials in the field of professional "four technology" service; the design and production of refractory materials; metal materials, building materials, decoration materials wholesale and retail; kiln construction and installation (above the administrative permit with a permit to operate). The leading products of the company include permanent lining casting material, lining casting material, prefabricated brick, repairing material, nozzle block, bottom impact block and magnesia carbon brick, alumina magnesia carbon brick, magnesia carbon brick ladle; tundish series of dry material, coating material, preform and impact plate, the permanent lining of the pouring material, zirconia nozzle, tundish cover; blast furnace iron ditch with castables, ramming material, mud material, mud gun; refractory fiber products. Products are mainly used in metallurgical industry, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, such as blast furnace, electric furnace, converter, ladle, tundish, cement kiln, such as high temperature furnace.

       The company's major customers include Baosteel, Sha Steel, Rizhao Iron and steel, special steel, iron and steel, Lianyuan Zhongtian Longteng special steel, Jiujiang iron and steel, Guihang pingsteel, Linyi Jiangquan company and Weifang Lu Li Steel Corp, Nanjing iron and steel, apply special steel, Wuhan, Xiangshui Hang Seng, huaigang.

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