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Ma'anshan Lear Kaiyuan New Material Co. Ltd. is a Beijing lier high temperature material company (stock code 002392) a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in December 2000, Yutian address in the Ma'anshan economic and Technological Development Zone, Road No. 151, the registered capital of 79 million 50 thousand yuan, is a national high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, the new special expertise enterprise, Ma'anshan science and technology "little giant enterprises, Ma'anshan city" heavy contract, keep promise "unit. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO28001 occupation health and safety system certification.

Ma'anshan Lear company (referred to as the company) is a professional engaged in steel tapping hole of converter slag and refractory mechanism system, mechanism and system of converter ladle refractories research and development, manufacturing, engineering design, project contracting and contracting suppliers as a whole. The main products are 60 - 300 tons of converter steel tapping hole plate, taphole brick, inner nozzle and outlet products; 60 - 300 tons of steel ladle sliding plate, upper and lower water permeable brick, brick, a series of products; with bricks, al2o3-mgo-c bricks and refractory products of steel ladle. 60 - 300 tons of converter slag, steel ladle and tundish quick change mechanism, etc.. The quality of slide gate listed as national torch project in 2003 2007, Anhui Province high-tech products, the company of new composite material industrialization project is the demonstration project of high technology industry in Anhui Province, Anhui province and included in the "861" plan, the company with an annual output of 30 thousand tons of new type metallurgical composite material industrialization projects in 2010 as a national the revitalization of key industries and technological transformation projects.

The company has 76 thousand square meters of Montreal Kaiyuan new materials science and Technology Industrial Park, the construction of steel structure standard workshop area of 32500 square meters, the main equipment for large friction press and hydraulic press machine, vibrating machines of various types, two 45 cubic meters of temperature in the shuttle kiln, with asphalt impregnated equipment and automatic polishing equipment, have the temperature of tunnel kiln 61 meters and 17 meters in 8 drying kiln, automatic batching system temperature, plant in flue gas treatment system, advanced technology and equipment, to achieve high quality, environmental protection and green production. The company has an annual output of 15000 tons of plate, upper and lower nozzle production capacity, annual production capacity of 10000 tons of magnesia carbon brick, alumina magnesia carbon brick, with refractory and mechanism of converter ladle refractories, package and casting in the overall contract ability. The company has become China's steel export converter slide gate mechanism, refractory products and supporting services leader, and will strive to create a sliding gate and refractory of the country's largest production base of institutions.

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