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R & D center is one of the core areas of the company, responsible for the development of new technology and new products, the company's inspection; new products; new achievements of middle test; R & D project declaration, achievement appraisal, patent application and technical data archiving management.

Company R & D center has an office, the experimental area of nearly 2500 m2, R & D center has advanced R & D tools and perfect testing equipment. New product development laboratory has a variety of unshaped refractory refractory materials products test equipment, test equipment; electronic analytical balance, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, carbon analyzer has a chemical laboratory; physics laboratory with high temperature hydraulic universal testing machine, heating furnace, furnace, high temperature resistance and fast firing folding tester, thermal shock test furnace, high temperature bearing soft creep test machine, thermal dilatometer, rotary furnace, slag resistance test furnace resistance to CO; the company also has a scanning electron microscope and energy spectrum analyzer (SEM-EDAX), fluorescence analyzer and static pressure molding machine, molding equipment and other large X- ray nondestructive flaw detector advanced nondestructive testing instrument and equipment; the company has the domestic advanced hydrics simulation equipment, with mathematical model simulation laboratory, can provide the flow field, temperature for metallurgical enterprises The simulation experiment of the degree field and particle motion track, which provides guidance for the design of refractory materials.


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